Established : 1820   |   Families : 975*   |   Units : 25  |  Feast: January 29,30

History of St.Antony's church Perambra starts from the year 1820. Initially the church was under the Chalakudy parish. In 1832, it was became an independent parish. At that time the geographical boundaries of parish were: on western side upto Parekkattukara, North-West upto Kolathoor, North-East upto Vellikulam and East upto Mettipadam. Now Perambra parish includes 1000 families.

1820 : Felial church was established under Chalakudy church with mass on sundays.
1830 : Church build in perambra during the period of Rev. Dr. Maurelius Sebilaniyuse (Varapoly Bishop)
1832 : Perambra felial church raised to indepentend parish.
1923 : A new parish at Moonumury was formed
1920 : L.P. School at Perambra was started.
1934 : CLC unit was started.
1942 : A small kappela was built at Kanakamala during the period of great flood and storm.
          -  Donbosco convent and orphanage was inuagrated at Kodakara
1949 : St. Vincent De Paul society started.
1962 : New felial church was established at Kodakara and Mattathur under perambra church.
1970 : Felial church at Kodakara was raised to an independent parish.
          -  A new felial church was established at Thessery during the period of Rev. Fr. Sebastian Karathra.
          -   Apollo Tyre company stated its funtioning at Perambra.
1974 : Inaugration of HolyFamily convent at Perambra.
1979 : L.P. School was upgraded to U.P.School.
1981 : A new felial church at Vallapady and Leoba convent at Perambra was established.
1985 : CYM unit was started.
1994 : St.Antonys trust was formed.
1995 : Blood bank and Eye bank were formed under CYM unit.
2000 : On January 27, foundation stone was laid for new church building during the period of Rev.Fr. John Arikatt.
          -  A public library under CYM was started.
2003 : On January 27 new church was blessed by Bishop Mar John Pazhayattil.(Rev.Fr Paul Mangalan was the Vicar).
2005 : Perambra pronounced as Complete blood literacy village.
2008 : Foundation stone for Jubilee Hall(Jubilee Smaraka Madhabodhana Hall) was laid.(Rev. Fr. John Kavalakatt was the vicar).
2010 : August ,during the period of Rev.Fr. Thoams Panjikkaran Jubille Hall was blessed by Bishop Mar Pauly Kannookadan and Bishop MAr James Pazhayattil.
2010 : Foundation stone for grotto was laid on 31st October.
2011 : Grotto is blessed by Mar Poly kannookadan.

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St Antony's Trust Perambra (Reg No. 74/IV/95)

St antonys trust is a charitable trust to help the poor of locality without distinction of colours, caste and creed Msgr Joseph Kavalakkat initiated for starting a trust It formed on 01-06-1995 with St antonys church office as the registered office of the trust Bye law of the trust was Prepared by the Vicar of the St antonys Church Msgr. Joseph Kavakkat and the (manager representatives ) of the church Mr. Paliakkara Rappai Jose,Chonedan vareed Thomas and Kolapran Kunjuvareed Mathew. The registration of the bye law was done at Kalletumkara Sub Registery Office and the number allotted is 74//IV/95. Ponminissery Ouseph Paulose and Thatchil Kannai Ouseph Bose were the witness.

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